Have limited wardrobe space? Here are 10 great ways to maximize it, so that you can store more things you buy from luxtime.su.

  1. Hangers – Hanging your clothes will let you know what you have at a glance and the shelves are kept free for more storage.
  2. Hanging Organizers – Many companies sell hanging organizers that can be hung from the rod in the shelf. This will give you more space to keep essentials.
  3. Racks – Get ready to use racks and fit them into your shelves to maximize storage space in an organized manner.
  4. Boxes – put things you don’t use regularly in a box and stack them in the cupboard. You can stack them at the back or use smaller boxed and keep your regular stuff on top of them in the front itself.
  5. Partitions – Get partitions to increase the storage space. Clothes tend to slide down when stacked and the shelves are broad. These partitions will enable you to use the space optimally.
  6. Draw Organizers – When you have more draws, get draw organizers that can be just fixed it. this will help you keep things organized, thus giving you more room.
  7. Roll Them – If you use thing material clothes, leggings and tights; roll them up and stack them as stores do. This will not only give you more room but will also keep them from falling off when you want the one at the bottom.
  8. Front & Back – If your cupboard is deep, keep things you don’t use regularly at the back. Things you use only for travel, certain weather, or other seasonal clothes can be stacked at the back. Once the weather changes, you can bring them to the front.
  9. Doors –Fix hooks on the doors to hand your belts and scarves from.
  10. Wardrobe Roof – The rook I soften neglected. If it is a tall wardrobe, get hanging racks and keeps things you don’t use regularly on top. You can even hang belts, scarves and other accessories from the top.