As we grow old, our requirements decrease, we get more particular about things that matter to us and basically we just need to retain the comfort factor. When it comes to our home at old age, familiar things and comfort factor are the two most important things we need.

Here is how you can feel comfortable in your own home even after you get old:

  1. Retain your old possessions. These might be what you collected as a kid and treasured all these years. These will be conversation pieces and cherished memories forever.
  2. If your walls are a little dirty or have scribble marks from the time your kids explored their coloring and sketching talents, let it stay. This lets you reminiscence about the past and has that familiar touch. A freshly painted wall may seem nice but it has no
  3. Display photographs of your adult years, kids growing up, vacation, etc. Click here to get interesting photo frames.
  4. Move things around to make it convenient to walk around at your age. As we age, we are not so agile anymore and one should avoid setting up the house in such a way that we could trip and fall.
  5. De-clutter and get rid of things that don’t mean anything to you. This could be some award or trophy you got at work as well. If it doesn’t make you light up with a smile, it doesn’t deserve to grow old with you. Put it away in case you want it later.
  6. Put in more chairs and lights to make the house look cozy and welcome. You will need more spots to sit in, more light to read under, etc. Forget aesthetics and give importance to comfort now.
  7. If there are too many stairs, get the house remodeled to make movement easier. A good architect can help you out.