Exploring the creativity of children is a fun task that keeps them engaged and let them use all their imaginations at work. Crafts with colorful paper done within few minutes keep the momentum and little munchkins engaged so that boredom does not set in, as kids get lethargic very soon. Thanks to technology, a lot of ideas shared at https://doodlebuckets.com/toddlers/best-travel-toys-for-toddlers/  that can be used to make interesting crafts, time with lots of giggles and laughter.

  • The Wizard wand that is made is with a hit with the kids, all you need is paper, paint, dowel and hot glue gun, cover the dowel base with paper and with the glue gun make vine-like markings rolling it up, paint the wand once it dries with brown and gold color to give the woody yet mystic look, and the wizard is ready to use the magic wand
  • Toilet Paper roll toys, fun and easy to make, next time think before you throw the rolls away, you can paint the rolls in different colors. Dry them and glue them together in a triangle shape and add some glitter, or paint your initials, names and use them as pencil, crayon holders, an excellent gift to moms and dads to keep their pens and even makeup items that are easy to store and add the brightness to the room.
  • Handprint canvas art is a good way to engage the tiny tots, cover up the empty shoe box covers and keep a tray full of paint, in different colors, let the kids use their palms to dip in the color and imprint in the canvas. Give them shapes, let their imagination run wild and make birds, insects, bees that add the fun and frolic into the art.