The ratio of ants and human is 140,000:1 hence we can say they are outnumbering us on earth. But it will not mean they should make our homes like theirs, therefore,  with this company you can get rid of ants glasgow. There are several methods that will help you from keeping the ants from destroying your food and house.

  • As we all know ants are very small and that is why they have thousands of ways to enter the house. Some openings can be identified easily, but other places can be discovered only upon seeing the ants queued up from that place. Search for such places by seeing from where are entering and exiting the house and seal them with putty, glue or silicone caulk.
  • Check if your window frames, doors and walls have any caps through which they can enter. Seal it up with caulk which will keep the ants away as well as maintain the temperature of your house.
  • There a lot of different substances available in the market that you can use which will keep ants away. You can use these and sprinkle in the form of a line on the places from where the ants enter. This is a very aggressive approach when compared to caulking. Make a barrier with the help of chemical powders so that the ants will be repelled and sometimes even killed. You can use powers like salt or diatomaceous earth and even poisons available for ants commercially.
  • Form a barrier by lining your kitchen with a tape which will have the sticky-side on top. This way you can prevent from making your house messy by using chemical powders. If the ants enter and try to cross the tape they will get stuck and eventually stop them from entering. However, there are chances that ants might crawl from below the tape, therefore make sure to secure the tape properly.