Although many states are now taking steps to completely decriminalizing or allowing the usage of recreational marijuana. It is still imperative that you decide to have at home drug tests in case of your living in a state that is not as lenient, you may be wondering how accurate an at-home marijuana test maybe and it is a legitimate concern, if you end up screwing up your marijuana test many terrible things can happen to you and your career including getting fired or worse going to jail for marijuana usage. As such, we have written this short article to show you the accuracy of an at-home drug test for marijuana.

  • For the most part, these tests tend to be accurate and trustworthy

In nearly 100% of the cases, at home drug tests are reliable and trustworthy. They are designed for the sole purpose of detecting THC in the urine and for the most part doing that job isn’t incredibly difficult to pull off (learn about drug tests here). Drug tests tend to be quite easy to manipulate if you have for example synthetic urine of some sorts.

  • There are some times when they fail!

Drug tests usually do not fail but they can occasionally, at-home drug tests are usually only fallible if you use it the wrong way or if you use synthetic urine, as long as you avoid these two the chances of you getting a failed drug test is extremely low. But false positives do occur and it’s wise to know that if you have been more than 30 days since your last usage of marijuana and the test is positive it’s possible that it’s a false positive and you shouldn’t have to worry