Children don’t listen; they observe!

I read this at the nursing and birthing center that I visited and I resolved to myself that I am going to give my children the perfect environment for them to become avid readers.

Now I know that when we bring up kids by conditioning it’s not always a success but it is important to try:

I grew up in a home full of books. My parents never liked to have a television even as a piece of furniture. Mum and dad were avid readers and us six children watched them reading all our lives. It was obvious that we grew up also with this love for books.

We literally inherited the books!

Dad and mum had collected thousands of books in their lifetime and when they rested the books fell into our laps. How we reveled in their company. It felt like home. I created a small reading library in my garage and opened it to the people in the neighborhood. It was a tribute to my parents.

How do you make your children read?

A lot of parents have asked me this and my answer is the same: you read to them and they will surely pick it up from there.

I have heard hundreds of success stories of kids taking to books because they had enriching time with their elders while reading. That is no big secret.

Having books in the house!

Books stacked in bookcases and shelves full of these lovely things will some or the other day beckons to them and shows them the wonderful things hidden inside them! You bet they will. There is no escape.

Create a reading environment:

Create a cozy nook for them or reward them for finishing books and see the change in them. Books available today are so much fun. I picked up a book on heavenly bodies for Aaron and then I was awestruck when he picked up a toy from starwalkkids. He could actually talk about a lot of stars that he saw from the toy! Kids will leave you surprised, hang around!