Preparing your home when you have sudden guests can be very easy. You would find all the useful resources at theolive.

Clear out the hallway

Creating a stunning first impression is your first step to preparing the house. This includes the cleaning and organization of the hallway or the foyer space. Adding the right d├ęcor to the entryway can create a welcoming entrance for the guests.

Always have your cleaning supplies inventory checks

Cleaning supplies should always be available at home. There are commonly used ones like the glass cleaners, surface cleaners, countertop cleaners, tile cleaners and also the cleaning brushes and wipes. For the cleaning liquids, you can always prepare a multipurpose cleaner at home with a few simple ingredients from your kitchen.

Arrangements for seating and sleeping

Make sure that you clear up space and arrange for extra seating if required, depending on the number of guests expected. Throw some beanbags, ottomans or other easy and space-saving seating options. Similarly, if you have to arrange for a space for sleeping, prepare your guest bedroom. If you do not have an extra room, invest in some quality airbeds or a convertible sofa cum bed.

Access to toiletries

Though most guests bring their own toiletries it is a good idea to keep a stock of the essentials in the bathrooms that the guests would be using. This would save them from the embarrassment of having to ask for supplies.

Stock up the kitchen

Run a quick inventory check to figure out how many more meals you would be able to prepare with your current pantry stock. Go shopping keep in mind the meals that you would be preparing for the guests. It would be a nice gesture to take the efforts to know about their favorites, allergies if any before you prepare the meals.